Business Domain

VESSEL groups always adhere to clients, and as a partner to help them with their marketing problems (including from CI/VI design, package design, the process when products circulates, store design, exhibition techniques to conveying the message of the product at store, salesperson's manner and behaver, selling prices, even to promotion activities.) by measure which consistent internal and external environment (also called unification type marketing communication).

Our commitment is to maximize client's brand value
through their contact point.


Marketing Management is a technology to win, keep, and foster customers by selecting targeting markets, creating, transferring and providing superior customer value.-Philip Kotler


We will design products, services, communication, channels, space etc. in an integrated manner from the viewpoint that customers experience total brands.


As a part of the marketing communication, promotion is necessary to raise consciousness and the interest in "product & service" of the client, and promoting the purchasing.
Specifically, "advertisement", "PR activity", "sales promotion" and "salespersons" are effective to getting people's attention. However, it may not lead to a purchasing action just because we attracted attention.
We always suggest promotion plans with visible message characteristics to lead to the purchasing.

Project Management

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints.