Marketing Management is a technology to win, keep, and foster customers by selecting targeting markets, creating, transferring and providing superior customer value.-Philip Kotler


By along client customer's (user's) reason to purchase, we pursue the meaning of "value of owning product", "value of using product", and "what can customer get by purchasing product?" much than just the physical characteristic of the product. And we arrive at the directionality, positioning and concept of the development, and support the developments.


The brand development is not completed in a short term. For upbringing, we built generally and in the long term by pairs of wide variety marketing activities, which including advertisement, PR, event, product development, exhibition, and pricing. In addition, it is also a relation to support marketing campaign by utilizing various functions of the brand. We support activity for the long term as a partner of the clients.


The biggest problem of the marketing campaign is how to maintain and raise "price" and " profitability". The flow of the production in the cheap area of wages like China, is continuing while shifting to Southeast Asia now. While the tendency to drop of the price of these days,it is a tendency to purchase at the cheapest price by comparing at the internet. We pay attention to the brand "value" that the product has, and support to setting the appropriate "price".


In a distribution channel before "product & service" of the client passing to the customer, we provide solution of the choice of the appropriate "retail business condition", design, and how to solicits during "the message of product & service" in a distribution channel.


As connection point with customer, we will completely catch the information of the customer and help clients to optimize the search engine, website design, online advertisement, e-mail, mobile, application and the integration of social media.